• DIY instant magazine bedside

    A great instant bedside for guests – and a great way to utilise all those old interior magazines! Simply stack piles of magazines to the required height and secure firmly with a belt (well, one belt won’t be long enough, so grab two belts, belt them together first and then wrap around the mags). This […]

  • Handy measurements for kitchens and dining rooms

    1. Kitchen and Island Benches – kitchen benches are generally 90cm high, however, you may want to go higher if you’re taller. Island benches are usually the same height, but you may want to go lower if you bake or cook a lot, as 80cm is a better height for kneading, chopping and mixing. Barstools […]

  • Tips for a more luxurious sleep

    1. Use 100% linen sheets. Once you try them, you’ll never go back. I know they’re a bit expensive – but wait until they’re on sale and buy. 2. Make sure your mattress is the best you can afford – for hygiene reasons, you need to update every ten years (there was a show on […]

  • Reno tips for exteriors

    1. When specifying exterior colours, try to avoid bright, saturated colours, which tend to look kitsch in our strong Australian sunlight. Brilliant whites can also look too stark. Generally, light-to-mid neutral colours will look best. 2. Many character homes traditionally used five or more colours to pick out the architectural details. For a cleaner, more […]

  • DIY simple sheer curtain

    Need a super quick simple sheer curtain? Perhaps just to obscure an unattractive view or soften the sun a little? You can’t go past this super simple DIY… 1. Measure your window and make sure you have a piece of fabric around this size, but around 22cm longer (the width doesn’t matter, it can be […]

  • Tips for small spaces

    1. Think light – the more natural light pouring into your home, the roomier it’ll look so consider replacing small windows with large, or adding a skylight – and keep your window treatments light. 2. Think white – whilst some designers like to use deep, moody colours in small rooms to create a cocooning effect, […]

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